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Ahmed (Q) = Ahmed (Question)                                  ||Fabien (A)=  Fabien (Answer)

Ahmed (Q) = Ahmed (Suggestion)



Ahmed (Q) :- After moving the exam to Odoo e-learning platform.  In case you go back to review a question in previous pages while you are in last page (Sales) answers are not saved, it's saved only when you submit the exam, which is effecting many results of exams (Bug).

Fabien (A) :- Thanks, we though it was fixed in recent version as we reported it to the team months ago,

but apparently not. We'll push to fix that asap in our production system. Thanks for reporting.


Ahmed (Q):- There is no option to know or mark which questions are not answered in each page!

Fabien (A):- Good idea, we will add this as a new feature in the new version.

Ahmed (Q):- Certificates are neither personalized nor coded!  Identities may be changed easily and generated more than once and published on social media!

Fabien (A):- This is with every document; it's easy to falsify any document (even you try to obfuscate it).

But people can verify online, on the profile page: http://tinyurl.com/y5mr9md3


Ahmed (Q):- The bank of questions don't have enough questions to make two totally different exams; existing questions need to be updated too.

Fabien (A):- We have 250 questions, and use 80 per exam. We will improve that with v13.

Ahmed (Q):- Is the certificate linked to the consultant or the partner? I mean, if the consultant got the certificate while he is working for a partner, then he/she moves to another partner, the certificate will be linked to the new partner or old one? Also if it will be linked to the new one, so what's the process which will be followed to link the certificate to the new partner?

Fabien (A):- Yes, certifications are linked to people. To update the partner they work for, the

partner has to contact us. (it's manual, as we have to check)


Ahmed (Q):- The condition of number of certified persons for partnership levels, does it matter which version are they certified or is any version valid?

Fabien (A):- We accept any certification of a stable version: v10, v11 or v12. (once we will 

release v13, in 2 weeks, only v11, v12, and v13 will stay valid for the partner's conditions)

Ahmed (S):- Creating an option or flag to know the unanswered questions quickly

Fabien (A):- Yes, we will create a backlog for that.


Ahmed (S):- Making a portal page with a list of all certified persons with personal photo and linking them to the related partner, also adding the rating for the person considering his history, behavior, and performance effecting the partner such as Unstable Resource (this is one of main reasons of failing Odoo projects)

Fabien (A):- It's here, https://www.odoo.com/profile/users?search=ahmed

Normally, it's linked to partner's page too.


Ahmed (S):- Certify offices to be the only authorized office in every country to make sure that the right person is executing the exam.  Now, one person may get many certificates for fake persons or non-qualified team to meet your requirement for partnership level

Fabien (A):- Yes, it's easy to cheat. But it's very stupid; I don't think companies have interest to do that.

People should do certification for personal achievements, not to cheat the market.

Unfortunatelly, there is little we can do for that. An option would be to organize physical certifications

to verify identy, but it would mean we should charge twice as more for each certification, which is not

good neither. We prefer to take the risk of fraud (after all, it' their problem if they fraud, not ours), but

keep things simple and affordable.


Thanks for the feedback.



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